Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Work oh Work

tomorrow i return to tutoring, or, as i will call it, work.

i hate work. the job of tutoring isn't so bad. i've had worse jobs--that one were i worked in a cafeteria for example. that was an awful job. i ended up smelling of fried food, had to put up with an unpleasant old woman who thought serving said fried food was the most important thing in the world, and was told that aiming to get tips out of the university students was not allowed. never mind the fact that i never made that much money, or that i was a uni student myself. if anyone is going to rip them off, shouldn't it be me? well, either way. that job was pretty horrible. especially when people would tell you that you smelt of fried food. i'd spend the trip home worried that i trailed fried chicken in my wake...

compared to that, tutoring is brilliant. but there's something disturbing about sitting in a class where half of the kids don't want to be there and therefor don't try. i could have used those few hours to sit around doing nothing and have been more productive, i reckon. it's good, however, when you get students who want to learn, but if you're stuck with the high school kids, they're few and far between.

primary kids, however, think it's all one big game. i like them the most because of it. if i could take a giant wheel into the classroom, and spin it around for metaphors and verbs, i would.

but i return to this tomorrow, and i don't know what i'm teaching. i didn't ask. to be perfectly honest, i don't care. ten or sixteen, it's the same to me. if i didn't need the money i'd be gone, that much i know. and it's not like i hate the job in particular (to get back to my original point) but that i'd rather be doing other things, and this is not isolated to that job, but all jobs.

i'm told it's because i'm a slacker, and that's probably not far from the truth... actually, it probably is the truth.

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