Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Twenty Six Lies/One Truth Pre-Order Offer.

You can now pre-order Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth for $14.95 on the Wheatland Press site.

The pre-ordering price is two dollars less than it will cost when it gets to booksellers, so it's a good time to buy now, for that reason, though I have more, naturally. The second reason is that pre-ordering also comes with the bonus I Hate Ben Peek badge, which I know many of you are dying to own in addition to the autobiography. The book will ship in November: it's written, the cover is done, and all that remains is a bit of editing, and for the internal art to be finished. The art is being provided by Anna Brown and it's all kinds of quirky, alternative comic styling stuff. Very groovy.

That lovely publisher of taste, Deborah Layne, said, after reading it, that she had "been left with sense of having read something much, much bigger. It's funny, moving, terrifying, shocking, and several points in between."

So go order a copy and get a badge.
Tags: twentysixlies/onetruth
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