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Your Flesh Meme

John Hodges (underdogautopsy) had a meme that requested that everyone post an image of themselves on their blog, so that they can be identified, possibly, by future stalkers. For some unknown reason, I think this is a fine idea for a Monday, and so I called it Your Flesh and now it is a meme on this blog. So if you're reading this, show yourself on your blog. For myself, I don't have a pretty girl or happy face like Hodges' does, but here's one of me taken Saturday night at one in the morning:

Sure, it's not as cool as that Amazon author photo I've got, but a lot of my friends reckon I look mean in that. So fuck you all, here we go.

Now for you.

What do you mean this is not content? I'm going through the last edits of Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, before I send it to Deb (mme_publisher). Brain space returning soon.

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