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Alan Moore Speaking

For this past 18 months, I've been blissfully involved with writing my next novel, Jerusalem, which will probably take me another couple of years to finish and edit. It's going to be over a half-million words, probably about 1,500 pages or something. As big as a book can be, if not bigger. I've not got a deal for this book, nor am I seeking one. I haven't gotten an advance for it. I haven't earned any money for the past 18 months. I haven't done any paying work. But I'm not greatly inconvenienced. There's royalties still coming in.

...When Jerusalem is finished in a couple of years, I'll think about how I want to publish it. I'm sure I won't be short of people offering to do it for me. But I will have written it exactly as I want to write it. I won't have anybody telling me to make it a bit shorter, make it a bit less obscure. It will be exactly the book I wanted to write. At the moment, that kind of freedom is most important for me.

Alan Moore talking about art, money, and the way to work.

It is, actually, mostly an interview for Moore and Gebbie's new graphic novel, Lost Girls, for which I have pre-ordered a copy. This is pretty big for me, because I honestly have to say, I'm not a pre-ordering kind of guy. It's just not something I do. But I've linked the bit about Moore's new novel, Jerusalem, because I loved Voice of the Fire, and the idea of a fifteen hundred page, half a million word novel from Moore just makes me kind of go into some kind of pleasure overload. Also, I linked an interview with Moore and Gebbie on Lost Girls a while back, and this doesn't say much that is different.

Still, it must be nice to be in Moore's position where he can say and do this, money wise. It's good to see.

(It's been a bit of a link filled week on this blog, hasn't it?)

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