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That Film

One year after I did two days work as an extra, I finally got paid. A cheque arrived this morning. It was easy enough to get the money once I found out who the distributor of the film was, though now, sadly, I still have to listen to my friends laugh at me for being in film that they reckon looks like a piece of shit.

The other day, D said to me, "How did you let yourself be in such a bad film?"

Beyond the fact that they haven't seen it (it's not released for a couple of weeks), I'm thinking D doesn't really understand the exact nature of the two days hire. Me: warm, nasty looking body. You don't exactly get approval over the script and casting when you're hired as a working class freak for two days of crowd scene work. I sat next to a midget for two days. I walked in the background. It's hardly what you would call a position from which to express any form of creative opinion. But my friends have seen the weakness, and they're zeroing in on the fact that this'll be something they can make fun of me with for some time. R tried to get me to go to a cinema to see it with her and a bunch of others, but I told her that for the month of August, I simply won't be going to any cinema with any of my friends, in case I am fucking kidnapped and forced to watch it.

Anyhow, you want to see the trailer for it? Hit here.
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