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Upcoming Publications (Polyphony Six and Fantasy Magazine)

So, a bit of house keeping for upcoming short fiction. If you've got no interest, just gloss on past. If you have, spare a moment and have a look. Lotta other authors in the anthology and magazine with me.

Firstly, from Deborah Layne (mme_publisher), is the alphabetical list (not the running order) of stories for Polyphony 6:

'Keys I Don’t Remember' by Forrest Aguirre
'Winter in Aso' by Paul Berger
'For the Sky is Made of Glass' by Hannah Wolf Bowen
'The Heresy Box' by Darin Bradley
'...And I Ask Myself the Same Question' by Haddayr Copley-Woods
'An Autumn Butterfly' by Esther Friesner
'Fire Rising in the Moon' by Laura Anne Gilman
'God Juice' by M.K. Hobson
'Wanderers' by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
'Faulkner’s Seesaw' by Barry Malzberg and Jack Dann
'The Uncanny Valley' by Nick Mamatas
'theleeharveyoswaldband' by Ben Peek
'The Crawlspace of the World' by Tim Pratt
'Willa' by Robert Reed
'Missy Victoria' by Bruce Holland Rogers
'Chasing America' by Josh Rountree
'Dark Corners' by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
'The Drowned Father' by Pamela Sargent
'Soon We Shall All Be Saunders' by Ken Scholes
'Manifest Destiny' by David Schwartz
'The Syncopation Streak' by Anna Tambour
'The Last Drinkin’ Man’s Blues' by Mikal Trimm
'Crab' by Steven Utley and Howard Waldrop
'The Library of Pi' by Ray Vukcevich
'Orange Groves Out to the Horizon' by Richard Wadholm
'Schuyler Journal #2' by Robert Freeman Wexler

You can pre-order at the Wheatland Press Website now.

And from Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown) is Fantasy Magazine #4, which you can preorder from Clarkesworld Books:

'Alicia's Prayer' by Lisa Ann Figueroa
'The Matreshka' by Marly Youmans
'Bizarre Cubiques' by Hal Duncan
'Bronson Rebellion' by Megan Messinger
'Irregular Verbs' by Matthew Johnson
'Under the Red Sun' by Ben Peek
'Rosemary, For Remembrance' by Hannah Wolf Bowen
'The Green Man' by Amber van Dyk
'After Midnight' by Alison Campbell-Wise
'Mosquito Story' by Afifah Myra Muffaz
'Why the Balloon Man Floats Away' by Stephanie Campisi
'Dead Sea Fruit' by Kaaron Warren
'Exposure' by Darren Speegle
'Ticket to Ride' by E. Catherine Tobler
'Among Their Bright Eyes' by Alaya Johnson
'Mushrooms Sprouting in Your Footsteps Like Tears' by Catherine M. Morrison
'During the Dance' by Len Bains

'Under the Red Sun' is a novelette set in the Red Sun world that 'The Souls of Dead Soldiers are for Blackbirds, Not Little Boys' is in. So if you dug that, chances are you'll dig this. And later in the year there'll be 'John Wayne (As Written by a Non-American)' in Aurealis, the distorted, experimental autobiography Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth and the dystopian novel, Black Sheep.

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