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Letters on Explosives, Redux

kids were in bomb shelters for days. city is a ghost town.

only poor people stayed

a new army unit arrived, kids were bored, went out with parents to look

there were TWELVE photographers there

and they egged the kids on

the kids are low class, not educated, have never met a Lebanese, just want to live their lives, don't understand why Lebanon attacked their home, etc.

the photographers told them "hey, your cousins in america will see you!"

mostly foreign photographers

so the kids, who were bored and restless and had been cooped up in bomb shelters for 5 days, took the felt markers and drew messages to nasrallah

there were no cries of hatred toward lebanese

and a big problem is that the israeli tv does not show dead lebanese. it shows destroyed buildings, but not dead bodies. so no one has a face of the dead in their minds. too aware of our own suffering, etc.

make sense?

From here.

Thanks to E (scarlet_arts) for hunting this down.

Now, I'm not sure how true this is, as those girls don't look so poor and uneducated to me, especially given that they're writing on the bombs quite neatly. But the part about the photographers was a point that Andrew Macrea (andrewmacrae) made yesterday, and one that I'm more than happy to agree with. To me what made the images so depressing was not that the girls didn't see anything wrong with it, but rather that here was three girls who didn't know better, and they were sitting round with markers and writing over explosives, and not one of the adults around them thought, "Maybe we're not teaching the right thing here."
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