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Hard Drinking Killer Clowns

From Jess Nevins (ratmmjess):

Hard drinking, gun holding, murdering clowns in red. Jesus. Jess Nevins is the author of the mammoth Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana, among others. He brings all sorts of goodness.

I am currently flipping through The Future Dictionary of America, which I bought from McSweeney's for five bucks about three or so weeks back. The sale is still going on, and you can pick up a bunch of books for five bucks, which is what I did. The McSweeney's folk put together nice books, and the Future Dictionary of America has over two hundred contributors, and includes Peter Carey, Michael Chabon, ZZ Packer, Stephen King, Chris Ware, and an album, which I'm listening to right now. It's actually pretty cool. Totally worth the five bucks.

Go forth in violent, hard drinking clown joy.
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