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Sick (and an Update)

I am sick. Send me new bones. The old ones ache.

Consequently, being sick, I have nothing of interest to say. Well, maybe I think all this talk about John Howard and Peter Costello and the promise of leadership is kinda stupid and maybe hides real issues. Not, of course, that I have been paying attention to whatever these issues are. Zidane's strange headbutt in the World Cup final? Anyhow: I am working on Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth again after having spent a week crawling through the web and a thirteen hundred page dictionary. Yes, I can now say I have read the dictionary. At least I had a reason, I suppose. S made mention of multiple volume dictionary sets that send her linguistic mind into some sort of word geek overdrive, but one volume was enough for me. X only had one page in it, though. Y and Z were pretty under used as well, so if you have any interesting words, or concepts related to those three, I'm all up for hearing them.

Deborah Layne (mme_publisher) is currently tormenting me with the idea of author photos. I'm sure it's because she wants to make millions from my beauty, but you can be assured that I've taken steps so this cannot happen. I think we'll all be pleased with that, won't we?

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