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would it be so bad if canberra was burnt to the ground?

give me a moment with this. just follow the logic. i'm mean, this burning is ignoring the loss of property, life, and heartache that people who live there get. imagine that one night, everyone in canberra gathered their personal belongings, drove out of the city, and then watched as it caught fire and burnt to the ground. all of it. turned into ashes. then they dispersed, went to new cities, and found their homes mysteriously there, waiting for them.

would it be that much of a disappointment? would people really say, 'oh my god, canberra is gone. fuck. i could never imagine the world without canberra. it was such a beautiful, and well designed city, why would it be burnt to the ground?'

i can't imagine that. in some ways, i think, you know, it's what people want. there have been people lighting fires, hasn't there? just stupid kids they say, but how can we know? i mean, did they just sit there and say, lets burn down canberra. or are they thinking that maybe it's the only way for them to escape?

i guess we'll never know. but canberra, all turned into ashes... it's not such a bad think, though i'd rather watch surfers paradise burn. but that's me.

canberra, however, is an odd little city, just plunked out there in NSW, three hours or so from sydney. it's not a pleasing city to be in, but i suspect that there are people out there who love it to death, but i'm reasonably sure that they're all insane and are involved in secret government projects to keep us suffering. (in what way, i could not say. but that's not really the point. they probably keep Neighbours going, the sick bastards.) the problem with canberra, i think, is that it's so planned, that it comes across as artificial, a city without life.

it's not just that it's laid out that way, but it looks artificial, like the set of a movie with the cast, crew, and extras gone home.

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