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Sunday Night Quote:

Trent Jamieson says, "I can highly recommend Agog! Ripping Reads, definitely the best one of Cat Spark's antho. series yet. I'm a dipper into of anthologies, and this one has already served up some treats. Ben Peek's "The Souls of Dead Soldiers are for Black Birds, Not Little Boys" is great, maybe my favourite of Ben's stories so far. Geoffrey Maloney's "When the World was Flat" is also a corker and sits very nicely at the front of the book."

Lets not ask Trent how many of my stories his read, yes? Just take the compliment and run with it. Trent Jamieson is, by the by, the former editor of Redsine and author of the collection, Reserved for Travelling Shows, in case you're not paying attention.

I've also read 'When the World was Flat', actually, and I have to say that I think it is the strongest piece that Maloney has produced in years, if not ever. To fully understand the props I've giving here to Maloney on my blog, with no gun against my head, and the complete and utter freedom of my own fingers and ability to say anything I want, I want you to understand that, personality wise, I think Geoff's a wanker. Why? Well, how about this? Like I said: wanker. As a person, Geoff Maloney is so definately one of the 'less is more' types, if you follow me here. But 'When the World was Flat', a kind of Victorian like comedy of sexual manners (for lack of a better way to describe it in five words or less) where Lord Admiral Fontingroy and slightly mad Dr McGee try to find a way to convince the Queen not to go forth with her utterly impossible quest to stop nature from tilting the world, is just great.

He's still a wanker, though.

The Amazon page for Agog! Ripping Reads also has a small reivew by Lily Chrywenstrom (lilysea) that calls my story "an original, moving, dark, strange tale of war, loss of faith, and growing up."

Yeah, I know these aren't 'official' reviews or anything, but it's a small press anthology from Australia in Prime's POD world, and it has no advertising budget to speak of. A whole lot of you might never have heard of the series before. So if I don't tell you about the blog entries and the amazon reviews, who will?
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