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Black Lines on Red Pages

The new Eskimo Joe album, Black Fingernails, Red Wine is proving, on the first couple of spins, to be an okay thing. Very listenable. It's the first Eskimo Joe album I've actually bought, so I can't say how it plays against the previous ones, but it feels like a mature, seasoned thing. However, what actually convinced me to buy it was the cover art, which just kept drawing me in every time I saw it.

The album art is done by Dane Lovett, who might be, from the information on his website, based in Queensland somewhere. Queensland's a big place, so there's no real idea where he is, but what I attracts me to his work here is the almost emptiness of the faces, and the thick heavy colouring with the detailed line work around the features of a face. It has been a long time since I was asked to express anything about an artists work with coherence, so I reckon I'm better just better linking some of the images, and letting them speak.

His website is here.
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