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The Past | The Previous

Agog! Ripping Reads can now be purchased over at amazon. It's been published through Prime in the States, so that makes it a whole lot easier for you all to find a copy, if you're interested.

It's worth noting that the previous three editions of Agog are also available through Amazon as Prime POD books. My story 'R' appeared in Agog! Smashing Stories and another, 'Scratches in the Sky', was in Agog! Fantastic Fiction. There's a good review of the latter by Ben Payne (benpayne) here and another here at ASif, if you're curious, and I imagine there's a few more round if you google. Smashing Stories has a really sweet cover that is worth the google alone.

In other news, Australia has left the World Cup due to a dodgy penalty in the last seconds of their game verse Italy. A dodge penalty saw Italy reduced to ten players for the majority of the second half, so I suppose it's all fair in the book of Dodgy Penalties. And with only ten players, Italy managed to shut down Australia so that they never really looked like they had good chances to score, whereas Italy had some good moments. So while the penalty was a raw deal, I reckon Italy is deserving of the win, and so they move on.

Would've been nice for the upset, though.