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Cthulhu Sex.

there is a magazine out there called Cthulhu Sex. it describes itself as a 'magazine [that] contains the creations of a variety of artists and writers, all delving into the permutations of three delightfully thrilling themes: Blood, Sex and Tentacles.'

i think it could possibly be the most interesting thing to come out of lovecraft myself, but then i've never really enjoyed his stuff. i know people who do, so who knows. but anyhow, around the webpage it's mostly half naked women with some sort of demon, reminding me of the anime tentacle stuff, the name of which i've forgotten. hentia i think. i think perhaps the movies would be better than having to read lovecraftian like sex prose, but that might just be me.

incidentally, the idea of overwritten lovecraft erotica where no one sees their unnamable erotic terror is pretty damn amusing to me.

wouldn't spend money on it, though. i laugh now but suspect it might just be painful in reality to read. but for those who'd like to have a looksee at the site, it can be found at
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