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Women Singing in a Park

You know what I don't care about? Nicole Kidman's marriage. It's also not news. Stop pretending that it is.

At any rate, tonight I went out for dinner with Z, which I'm sure fascinates no one, but while waiting for her, I sat in a park and listened to two women sing. They were singing in Greek or Italian or maybe something else, which is entirely possible, because I am dumb enough with languages that very basic and easily identified language tics that exist for everyone else pass me right by. But it was nice. Real nice. A pleasure, even. Just two women swapping parts of a song, singing it into the slowly darkening, cold world that I was sitting in. A mix of an eerie, haunting melody and words I couldn't understand. They sang for about half an hour, and I figure that each song was about loss, and gain, and the things you do for love. Most songs are, after all.

I liked it, though. How often can you sit in a park and listen to two women sing for pleasure, laughing to themselves, and not caring if one guy is listening or not?
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