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Twenty Six Lies/One Truth (New Chapbook)

Okay, so, here's the coolness:

I have sold a chapbook to Wheatland Press called Twenty Six Lies/One Truth.

This book will actually be the reworked and completed alphabet pieces that I have been doing on the blog here, and which many of you have liked (which as always is very cool and thank you muchly). You may have noticed, however, that they've slowed down in the last week and, well, there's your reason. The other reason is that for a blog post, they were a touch time consuming, and would take me half a day at least, and that was without the rewriting (which they never got). It's a bit too much time to spend on the blog, really, but not nearly enough time to spend on a book, so that means I get to go back, clean up the stronger pieces, and rework others to make it a cohesive whole. The end result of this will mean that if you thought that what had been done so far was cool, then I reckon you'll dig the final version of Twenty Six Lies/One Truth since I'll have a lot more time and range and ability to put into it.

So that's very cool and I'm very pleased. Assuming there's no problem, it'll be published round the World Fantasy Con, in November.
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