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Yeah, How Many of These Posts You Seen?

I'm thinking it might be time to install a daily work word account while I'm looking for large, full time employment. Looking back in the last month, I kinda don't know what happened to May, except that there were buttons and hate.

Which, you know, isn't the way I want to finish my life. ("He was hated like few have ever been, but no one is quite sure what his fiction was like. Today, on Dead Before They Were Thirty Five, we look at obscure author Ben Peek."*) A word limit might have to come in, here, or maybe just one of those write every day things. Now is really the time, since I've got that time. It disgusts me that at twenty-nine I still write best and easiest when I'm busy and time is at a premium. Perpetual last minute essay/fiction writing: who never left his student mentality behind? I kind of like it when I get deadlines now for this reason, especially when an editor asks for a story, and says, "I need it by such and such." Like I said, it's disgusting. Some self discipline wouldn't go astray right now.

So, I think there should be. I've got one short story, which is for a theme anthology, so if it doesn't sell there it's pretty much useless (which is the problem with theme submissions, but what can you do?). So I need to get some more short fiction done, begin working on the next novel, which is so totally going to be a nasty, stylistic bushranger inspired weird called Across the Seven Continents of the Underworld. It'll be set in the red sun world and loosely use the life of Tasmanian bushranger Matt Brady as its narrative backbone, I think. So that ought to be fun. And I have to get back to making my way through the Octavia Butler work for my novella that, I think, is going to be called Octavia E. Butler. We'll see how that works, but the idea is pretty shiny, if I do say so myself.

(And I do.)

But today, I believe, will be writing the new dialogue piece for Dialogues: On the Street. Yes, this is still going, though slowly. What can I say--either you want it done well, or you want it done quickly, and we've gone with the first, so it's taking time. I've seen artwork and layouts for about seventy percent of it now, and it looks sweet, a really stark, but lavish thing. The new piece that I'm writing is going to replace 'Love' which will be moved to the fifth spot and become 'Intermission: Love = Sex = Hate' or something like that. It's simply a matter of balance for the little book as a whole since the concept of having a circular, symmetrical work became important. Plus, the current 'Love' is quite tiny. The new 'Love', if you're curious, is about sitting at a cafe and talking to the person who you just paid to have sex with you.

(For those of you who are new to the blog, Dialogues: On the Street, was a little blog stunt I did last year that came out really well, I believe. So I decided to make a little chapbook out of it and replace my quite ordinary photography with black and white art. My plan (as it stands) is to make the Dialogue series a little semi regular chapbook that I do, just because I like the form, and because I get a kick out of writing it. If you've not read them, have a look through. A lot of people dug them. My favourites are 'Jesus' and 'Hate'.)

Anyhow, time to go and make my resume shiny for some marking work, and then write. Be sure to hassle me if I don't do that second part.

* Okay, the buttons are still pretty cool. They can be what I'm remembered for.

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