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And, Just So It's Said

With all the feudin' an a fussin' what's been lost here, I think, is that there's a book to buy:

I reviewed Troy for Strange Horizons and you'd think, with all this, that I ripped in on it. Well, no. I thought that as a collection of fiction it is, with one minor piece, quite strong. I don't think it works as a cycle of stories, or as a collection of fiction inspired by the Iliad, however--in other words, as a whole. Some people reckon it was never meant to be read like that, but I reckon it presents itself as... so there, was, apparently, this. But you know, the question of if people read the book that way or not, that's an interesting conversation. It's a conversation worth having round the place, rather than the "Ben Peek is a cunt" one that is popular, and rather than it being about me, it's about an independent book put out in Australia this year.

So buy yourself a copy of the book and review it round. Don't be shy now.
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