Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek


I found this a couple of days ago. It's a Gustave Dore illustration from Milton's Paradise Lost.*

I always really liked Paradise Lost for Satan, which I guess isn't much of a surprise, since most people do. But this post isn't about that, or anything else in particular. I just had the Dore image and I liked it--I like a whole lot of Dore's art, actually, and since it's out of copyright, I sometimes wonder if it would be possible to take his artwork, and write a new piece around it. Just for kicks you know? But then you get all sorts of problems, I suppose, and in truth I don't know how this shit works, so I'm sure there's a law or something there to stop me (apart, you know, from common sense). If you're curious to see more of Dore's art, go to this website, scroll down to his name, and click away.

In other news, I've completely fucked up my neck, run out of credit for my phone, and writing hideous job applications has given me a story idea.

* There should be a little line over the 'e' in Dore, but I've no idea how to make it right at the moment.
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