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Hell - Eternal punishment, torture, suffering. Cue Hell.

Harm - There is a song by Massive Attack called 'Safe From Harm'. It can be found on their album, Blue Lines, which is a fine album, though my favourite by the band is Mezzanine. But whenever I think of the word 'Harm, I always think of that song title, a sort of answer to it, I guess.

Huxley, Aldous - The author of Brave New World, Chrome Yellow, and The Doors of Perception, among others. He died on November the 22nd, 1963, the same day the back President Kennedy's head burst open, and the same day that C.S. Lewis died after a stretch of illness. I've always thought that there was something interesting in the way that all three events intersected on the same day, and especially in the fact that Huxley was filled with LSD the night before his death, and apparently died peacefully in the morning, while Lewis, without the aid of drugs, and dying at home, struggled painfully towards his death. And then there was Kennedy. In what remains one of my favourite pieces, I wrote about this. A year on, I don't think I've finished with the idea. Not yet.

Hostage -

With all this talk of Heaven and Hell and Me--



Oh. Yes. Right. God. The you, the me. the words on this screen--

Just shut up.

Whatever, man.

You ever considered that you're all just a hostage to an idea?

Why do you bother me with this shit?

I like the look of annoyance on your face.

Hell - What do you expect from Hell? There's a lot of different versions: the fire and torture, the frozen lake with the devil in it, the emptiness, and then, as I think Sartre might have said, "Hell is other people." But what does it say about people as a huge, twisting mass that, really, we spend a large portion of our time hinting at the damnation that awaits us for believing a different thing, fucking a different way, and all the other ways that people view as not right. The answer is much too long and detailed to fit here in this text and, lets be fair, I'm not the person with the answer. I am fascinated, however, by how tactile Hell is. How it is such a tangible torture for the intangible part of you.

Heaven - In opposition, tangible pleasures are often ignored in Heaven. Generally speaking, depictions of demons and angels have the first as slaves to their desires and what satisfactions that they can gain from touch, while the latter is often portrayed as sexless figures, interested in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, the love of the lord, and so forth. There are of course other depictions of Heaven where this is not the case, but here I am, really, just interested in that little corner of the afterlife that Christianity occupies. Even then I'm not truly examining it, but rather playing with the common images, and just poking at how they reflect our society. Religion has always been about reflections to me.

Hustler -

Maybe you're just running a con.

That would be simple for you, wouldn't it?

Well, I wouldn't have to talk to you if it was so.

Don't be so unpleasant. Besides which, answer me this: if it's nothing but a con, how is it that so many people believe? And I'm not talking about me, but all religions, all forms. How do you explain that?

Shit, you'd have to ask them, man.

My point is you can't.



Yeah, so?

Nothing. Just raising the point.

Hicks, Bill - Comedian Bill Hicks died on February 26, 1994.

"Look, I understand the philosophy. I was raised Southern Baptist in Texas! you don't think I got the message? P-shaw, my Brothers and Sisters! I got the ONE TRUE message. And I know, because this is how I was raised, that even you poor, misguided Christians from other denominations are wrong. So load your guns and prepare to do Holy Battle in the name of Jesus, the lamb of peace.

This is the message of Christianity:

Eternal suffering awaits anyone who questions God's infinite love. (?!?)

Or, to paraphrase:

I will make your life a living Hell if you don't think like me.

The first thing the indoctrinated Christian is taught is not to ever question his own faith. No matter how sound an argument is supporting another belief, or debunking existing beliefs, the strength of the argument is proof positive of its evil origins."

Hicks was great. I love his albums. there's also a pretty cool book called, Love All the People: Letters, Lyrics, Routines, which is worth buying. But stay away from the biography, American Scream. It's just badly written.

Haven - Everyone has their haven. Their secure place. For many people, this haven is a physical location, a place where they can let down their guards, put away the public faces, and just be. For many, it's the home, and that's why, when your home is broken into, when your partner cheats on you within, when something bad happens in that place that you have come to think of as yours and only yours, that afterward it feels violated and broken. Often, there's no way back from this.

Heaven - Eternal reward, joy, love. Cue Heaven.



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