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Sunday Note

Things Learnt at a Led Zeppelin Tribute Night: Led Zeppelin didn't, apparently, record one song under half an hour.*

* No, I'm not a Zeppelin fan, but in the same tone, I'm not a hater, either. So going to what is essentially one three hour cover gig is no hassle for me, and plus, I'd never been to a tribute night before. I probably wouldn't have, if I had been asked, but I went either way. Also, Iota was one of the singers for it, and so I knew what I was getting in a small way, and pleased with that. Iota and a second singer (whose name I don't know) were quite good, actually, so the whole show wasn't bad, though fuck me, if I ever hear another ten minute drum solo, I think I might just have to shoot a drummer.
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