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Agog! Ripping Reads

Here's the final version of the Agog! Ripping Reads cover. Neat, huh?

As mentioned before, it contains my story, 'The Souls of Dead Soldiers are for Blackbirds, Not Little Boys', which is a title that I will forever be resisting the urge to turn into an easier to type collection of capital letters. The title is just too cool for such a butchery. You might (or might not) remember that I had the thought of writing a distorted autobiography. It didn't take (thankfully) but out of that idea came this story, which is about people who live in underground cities and who are living through a war where the returning souls of those who have died burrow into their children to take over their lives and leave them deformed. Yeah, I'm not quite sure how I got to that, either, but I don't ask myself any serious questions about this. Just go with the flow.

It'll be launched at Conflux, so if you're there, pick it up. I'll post links for where you can buy when it comes out.