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Am I Hot Or Not?

Look, I don't usually do this, but I've been called out, and so now there is a poll to decide if I'm Hot or Not:

This poll has been created by Chris Lawson, who decided that I was wrong about him not being as good looking as me, and that he had to run a fair and unbiased poll. As you can see, democracy is alive and well in the citizens of Australia, and in the speculative fiction community. Anyhow, there is a poll over there that you can fill in, but Chris, in an effort to find a new outlet for his desires, wants you to recommend other hunky authors to him. Provide phone numbers. No Neil Gaiman, however. I guess he said no already.

I'd go with Harlan Ellison, myself.

I don't know what it is about the photography at Locus Online, but whoever is responsible for it needs to look into hiring professionals. I got some sympathy for Ellison, though, who appears to be cursed in these photos. Also, Joe Haldeman's eyes appear to be closed now. And did I mention that Kelly Link's jacket reminds me of something out of a 70s blaxploitatian flick? I'll leave it to you to decide who would wear it. A pimp? A whore? Shaft? Who can say. I think I wish I had one though. Still, you've got to give it up for Gordon Van Gelder, who has managed to look casual and un-author like in both photos.

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