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Black Sheep

Black Sheep is now slated for release in November.

So, y'know, roughly round the end of the year. Xmas gifts. There's no excuse not to buy five now, as it will be the season for giving. The reason for the push back is that it's going from being POD to Offset, which means a print run, and all the good and lovely things that come with that. What this means, from my understanding, is that this means the book will get into distribution and get to more people. So there's nothing to dislike there cause people equal goodness.

Now, if a suitable cover would just drop from the sky and into mine and Sean Wallace's (oldcharliebrown) lap, I'd marry whoever bought it to me. I'd have to marry them, of course, because Wallace went and got himself engaged, thus taking his dowry with him. Which is a shame, as I don't have anything of worth. And if that cover could come with a job teaching creative writing for huge chunks of cash, I'd be a happy wife man, and put out more often.

At any rate, November. There'll obviously be more updates as they come through.
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