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Zombie Lurch


A while back, I remembering seeing photos of a zombie lurch in Toronto (I'm not sure if she organised it or not, but they were on porphyre's blog, as well as on Boing Boing, and it looked pretty cool). Now apparently there is to be one in Sydney, organised by Rachel Young (rachelsoma), and held on this very soon to be upon us Sunday. It starts at two outside Town Hall and travels its way down to the Opera House.

I'm pretty sure others have heard about it, whereas I have simply been living in my little rock because I can't stand direct sunlight or thoughts, apparently. At any rate, I won't be there, as I've got to work, and I'm meeting with Kathryn the Dialogues Artist (speshal_k) afterward, but the two of us might be able to swing down for the end, at least to have a quick look. Still, ignoring that, I reckon ya'll should go.

Yes, I said ya'll.

It's the zombie speak for the night. Now go click the Zombie Lurch site.
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