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yes, i put up the link for ditmar awards. why not? it's probably the only award i know where a classroom for 1st grade children could band together and completely throw everything out of context. though unless you're an aging 70's rock star, those 1st graders are never around to be useful.

in 2002 i appeared in two anthologies, the first being Passing Strange edited by bill congreve (the story was called 'Cigarettes and Roses') and the second in Agog! Fantastic Fiction edited by cat sparks (the story was called 'Scratches in the Sky'.)

MirrorDanse published the first, and their link is

Agog! published the second, and the link is press/

follow the rockets, as they say in countries being bombed.

a small story titled 'Antique Spaceman' appeared on the webzine Antipodean SF which can be found at

and an even smaller story (fifty words) appeared in AureliasXpress. it was called 'Camel'. i was told it was published in December, but i never actually saw the thing, so i'll just go on faith.

i had a bi-monthly column called 'Sydney Before 2am' at the website (Popmatters being its name), and even though the column has ended, they're still archived.

i also wrote an essay at entitled 'Fame, Fortune, and a Fatwa'. check the archive again. it was fun to write.

and, to wrap the recount of 2002 up:

'Cigarettes and Roses' from Passing Strange is getting an honourable mention in ellen datlow and terri windling's Years Best Fantasy and Horror 2002 which is a nice thing to happen.

anyhow, i'm sure the suspicious and cynical of you will note how i put this after the ditmar nomination form. good. i seem to have misplaced my 1st graders, you see.

even if decide not to vote for my work (which is reasonable, in its own way) you can still vote for Chris Mowbray as Best New Talent.

just 'cause.

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