Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Ditmar Nominations.

copied from an email:

"Greetings all,

The Ditmar and Tin Duck Nominations are upon us again!

This year we have several ways for you to lodge your nominations. They are:

- Online at (Tin Ducks comming very soon!)
- Downloadable .pdf document at
- Swancon 2003 Progress Report 2 (due out next week)
- Writing to Swancon 2003, GPO Box G429, Perth WA 6841 and will mail
you a nomination form.

If you need help with what to nominate, is a fantastic
source of information pertaining to Australian Science Fiction.
Comprehensive lists of 2002 publications have been assembled for
book-length ( and short fiction
( works.

The nomination period for both the Ditmars and the Tin Ducks is from 1st
January 2003 until 14th Feburary 2003. Nominations received by post
must be post-marked no later than 14th Feburary 2003 to be considered.

The voting period for the Ditmars will be from 1st March 2003 until 4th
April 2003 and will be done in a similar fashion to the nomination
process. There will be no voting at the convention, but remember that
you only need a Supporting Membership to Swancon 2003 ($20, upgradable -
see to purchase online!) to be able to vote!

The voting period for the Tin Ducks will be from 1st March 2003 until
18th April 2003, and will be done in a similar fashion to the nomination
process. You will be able to vote at the convention on the Thursday and
Friday until 8:00pm.

Please feel free to pass this email onto other lists within the
Australian SF community so that we can reach as many fans as possible.

Remember that nominators are winners too as you ultimately help decide
who wins the awards - if they are not nominated, they can't win!

I look forward to your nominations.

Thank you.

Brett Griggs
Swancon 2003 Committee
Awards Sub-committee Chair"
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