Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Final Day of the Ben Peek Show

Today is the final official day of question and answer thing over at the ASif Forums.

It died out a bit across Easter, which was always going to happen, and it has come back a bit now. But at any rate, what does that matter? It's the last official day and I'm nine posts shy of breaking the one hundred posts barrier. I think I should break this. I think you should help me break this. I think that there's absolutely nothing else to do today, so that will make as good a distraction as any. Anything goes, as they say. Come in and trash it up.

Here's one of the last quotes:

Do you have any early disasters sitting in your drawer?

Sadly, they're not even in the drawer.

The Mentor

You want issue eighty nine. It was a story called 'The One world, One Race Conspiracy'. I wrote it in highschool, i think.
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