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In the Quiet Evening Light

It's the Zombie Jesus day and that, generally speaking, means a day of low traffic everywhere.

Easter doesn't mean a thing to me, and it doesn't mean anything to my family, either, so that leaves me the day to listen to music and read and chill as everyone I know is off doing their own thing. I found a copy of The Jesus and Mary Chain's Munki about ten minutes ago and so I'm playing that and thinking about what I can cook for dinner. Munki is one of the band's last albums (if not the last album) and it just sounds as if all the life has gone out of them. It's a shame, really. I guess that's why I never spun the disc enough for it to be memorable.

Flipping on the TV brings me a lot of images today. A cardinal talking about eating ice cream with the Pope. Someone talking about what Iran said about Israel. A snippet of Kim Possible. Australia winning some cricket match. Or being well placed. I'm back to being apathetic about cricket, yet again. There was a brief stop during thesis burn out, but it holds no interest to me anymore. Are people still talking about John Howard lying? I don't know. Yesterday, S., was telling me that when you sit in front of the television your brain activity drops twenty percent, or some such number, putting you into a nice vegetative state. I got friends who come back from their jobs and just zone in front of the TV so that all the stress of their jobs just fall away. TV just makes me stressed. I've being going through a phase where I can't watch the news programs again, and just been taking my information about the world from the web. Not that this isn't as bad at times, but I'm spared the glossy presentation of it. The American news is the worse, I find. Sometimes I think I'm watching a parody of a real news station, which perhaps I am.

Where is this going?

Nowhere. I have a bit of work to do, but I'm ignoring it. It's Zombie Jesus Day. Even if you don't believe in it, it's enough of an excuse to just kick back and chill out.

Here is the latest question from the ASif Forum:

Are you sad that you didn't get a chance to refuse your Ditmar?

Heh. No.

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