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Last night I sat down and watched Appleseed. It's an anime set in a war torn future where civilization's last hope is a utopian city where half its population are clones. These clones, however, have had their emotions dampened, and require treatment every few years to keep their bodies from failing. It's not a bad idea or even a bad film, but the real problem I had with it is that the animation has been motion captured, and the characters have that hyper real look to them that comes from motion captured computer animation.

As a result, the main character reminded me of a RealDoll.


Which, you know, is kinda distracting.

It took about half an hour for me to settle into the film because of this, and I found that the problem existed mainly with the young female characters, and the close ups on their faces. Still, once I got past that, the film isn't too bad, though there are parts of the action that feel more like a video game than a film, and it's filled with info dumping that could have been smoothed out considerably. But I thought it worked more often than not, and I had a weird fascination with the RealDoll like characters in the film, so I was carried through to the end.
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