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8 Mile.

i went and saw the movie 8 Mile tonight. bit of a mistake to do that on a Thursday night, in the middle of end of year holidays, but it didn't occur to me till i got there. i decided, then and there, that what i would do when riches fell from the sky and rained upon me, would be to chase the non-holiday seasons around the world.

anyhow. the movie.

i was a little bit worried about eminem, because, well, just because he is slightly more acceptable than britney spears, he's still cut from the same cloth in the music machine now, and a movie with him can become a bit of a vehicle. which it is in fact. (and lets face it, when you broke it down, there isn't a whole lot of difference between the plots of 8 Mile and Crossroads, though i never did see the last one. but still.)

8 Mile is good, however. the music is important, eminem is good, and about half way through the film, i realised that the hip hop wasn't being presented so much as music, but more as poetry. it never reaches a grand height, but it's there, street crawling, dirty, and used to mainly hack someone down. today's poetry could learn a few things from this, and of course, today's hip hop could learn a bit from poetry. but once i realised this, the movie fell into place, and while it could have been much, much darker, there's no denying that it jumps quickly away from the common cliches of it's genre. the love interest is more of a rebound fling that never movies beyond this, the work place environment turns out to be helpful, and the black rapster gangster who pops people casually as he waves his gold chains around, never appears.

but it's the hip hop that takes centre stage, strong, defining, with the city decaying around it and the people.

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