Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Ten Things I Have Learned About Being A Writer

1. Saying that you're "Good looking, for a writer," is somewhat like saying, "Yeah, he/she is not bad looking for someone who was horribly burnt in that explosion on the oil refinery last year. Shame about the missing legs."

2. No one cares about you or your fiction. Do as you please.

3. Being an author is not a good way to meet women. Meeting men, however, is very easy, especially if you're a woman, but also if you're a man.

4. More money usually means you're in a better quality of publication, but not always.

5. If you want to make a living out of writing, this will often mean writing a lot and writing quickly. You will not be able to linger, to nurse, to polish, to think. Think about the authors you read who write one or two books a year, and have been doing it for twenty odd years. We've all got a couple we read. It's comfort fiction. Now, ask yourself how many of their books felt rushed, ill thought out, and filled with repetitive characters and scenarios. Then compare them to the good ones they've written.

6. If you don't want to make a living out of writing, you can write at any old pace. People are not obliged to remember you, however, and most will not. Obscure brilliance will win you nothing.

7. Opportunities exist for you to do something different. Don't squander them doing the same old shit.

8. Your friends will eventually become tired of buying your work. It's best to tell them, from the start, that they're not required to buy it, read it, or even pay attention to it. This way you will receive their unconditional support, though they will not, in most cases, buy it, read, or talk to you about it. You will be quite happy with this.

9. You will never be cool as a writer. If asked, lie, and say you're on the dole, and scamming a pension with your crooked doctor, who, by the way, isn't a writer either.

10. People will apply labels for you. If you're lucky, it won't be, "She/he's good looking, for a writer."

* Totally inspired by matociquala's 'Ten Things I Have Learned From Writing Popular Fiction'. Think of it as a meme. Do your own.
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