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Augie March, Moo You Bloody Choir.

Over the weekend I've been listening to Augie March's new album, Moo You Bloody Choir, and I've decided that I quite like it.

The problem, I think, is that it has the wrong title. Moo, You Bloody Choir is actually a title I quite like. It's quirky, odd, memorable. Unfortunately, it also suggests a quirky, odd, off beat album, caught somewhere between punk and self effacing alternate pop, but the album is actually none of these things. It's a gentle, melodic thing, caught somewhere between Art of Fighting's albums and Mercury Rev's latest, Secret Migration. It is true that the lyrics 'moo, you bloody choir', appear within one of the songs, and in 'The Honey Month', they work well--

Beneath the revving of a car
the evensong of the abattoir...

Moo, you bloody choir,
moo and lo, lo and moan.
Moo, you huddled choir,
moo and lo
how the night arrives with a blow.

--But, like I said, as a title for the album, it's not quite right. Maybe 'The Cold Acre' or 'Just Passing Through' would have worked better, been stronger, suggested the album more fully, but who is to say. Still, the album itself, which counts more than any kind of title, is very cool, very chilled, and perfect for those quiet evenings when you need something to drift round you. I've not heard the previous two (?) Augie March albums, but on the strength of this, I think I'll check them out. Still, this I recommend to people, yes I do.
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