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William Gibson blog

william gibson has a blog, which, oddly, strikes me as a bit strange. the man who gave the world Neuromancer, a book i don't like at all, and who is one of those writers you associate with the web, with the electronic world... he has a blog now, when everyone, from puppies to dead parrots and myself have something like a blog or a livejournal.

on the front page, he looks like a middle aged man: old skin, creased and hard from use.

it's probably cause he is middle aged, isn't it? like so many writers. occasionally, it occurs to me that writing is a middle aged game, and there is a book, called Gangland which looks at that, sorta. interesting book. don't think it or middle aged people have anything to do with william gibson, though.

i hated Neuromancer. really did. maybe i read it at the wrong time, where the ideas weren't so fresh, and it left the book to stand upon things such as craft, and characters...

anyhow, the blog is okay, and is the link.
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