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Just Thoughts and Links Today (Awards, Clarion Tutor Jobs, Books I Like, People Speaking)


So, it appears my decision to withdraw my Atheling nomination has met with some resistance, which I didn't expect. I kind of like the decisions that relate to me to be respected, as I am this adult of mild intelligence who lives in a democracy, but I guess that argument slices both ways. However, I would have thought, given all the controversy relating to me and the local awards in the last couple of months, folk would've been more than pleased to see me go, but apparently not. As far as I'm concerned, the nomination isn't there, and that's that. If you're voting, vote for something else. The Snapshot wasn't about awards, just some conversation and promotion, and while it's nice for the thought (and it is, really) there's other stuff there for you to vote for. Chris Lawson is more than deserving for his blogging, so that's who I'd toss my vote at, if I voted.

I'll figure out what to do with my opinion in relation to awards later. I'm happy just not being part of them, really.

And, lastly on this topic, Ben Payne (benpayne) has a thought about award withdrawals here. He also continues the trend of finding cute little nicknames for me. In his spare time, however, he calls me a cunt.

The Fountain.

I read The Fountain during the week. Graphic novels make good reading right now, but don't add to my fifty books a year tally, however. The Fountain is an interesting thing in theory, because it is a different version of the same film that director Darren Aronofsky has made. From what I understand, the graphic novel is the version you would have got if budgets and censorship hadn't existed, and it's illustrated by Kent Williams, who has actually, I think, produced some of the finest sequential work he's ever done. Aronofsky also produces a fine script for the book as well. The overall result is a beautiful and thoughtful science fiction piece, which, even though I think the end doesn't quite come together, is still actually quite good.

Robert Hoge and Clarion Tutors.

Over at his blog, Robert Hoge roberthoge talks about selecting Clarion tutors

Do we have a good balance of personal experiences? This might seem strange at first but it can range from something as simple as ensuring we have tutors with a broad age range, to making sure we get one or two authors who can talk about how they manage to have their work published while living in a house full of children. Some of our most positive feedback has come from participants who have kids and want to know any tricks and tips the tutors have for getting writing done in a house full of kids. This could come in the form of active advice about how to balance work and family pressures or it may simply come from the tutor setting an example

He also goes on to note how tutoring at Clarion can gave your profile a boost. Seems kind of strange, to be, that a job could boost your profile, but I've never understood the Clarion thing. You could be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of massive Tupperware cult for the way people talk about it and mention it, but I think I'm just coming from the wrong angle on this, since I've taught creative writing for a while now. Still, I tend to think that if Clarion is all about bringing in professionals to advise the young, profiles getting a boost shouldn't be a concern.

Anyhow, I know a lot of you reading are Clarion interested or Clarion Converted, so here's the link.

City of Saints and Madmen

Jeff VanderMeer's (vanderworld) City of Saints and Madmen has appeared in trade paperback throughout the States and Canada, and as I'm sure you've seen, there's a fair bit of blogging going on to support it. I think this is the cover of the Australian edition, too, so consider this a cross country promotion thing, to help it get moving. I actually really quite like City of Saints and Madmen, which I bought in the Prime hardcover years back, which had a short story on the cover. It's a fine thing, the best of Jeff's work to date, I believe, though I've not read Shriek: An Afterward yet.

There is a whole long post about the book on Jeff's blog. Check it out.

Pimping Your Work.

And because it seems relevant, here's a post from Justine Larbalestier about promoting your own work. I'm all for promoting my own work, even the work of others I like, but then I guess if you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll already know this.

Now, back to editing the thesis. I hate it with a passion now. That means I'm almost done.

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