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Ditmars (Withdrawal Letter)

So, the second Australian Award, The Ditmars, have been released. I've picked up a nomination, but since I decided a while back that I wouldn't be taking part of the Australian Awards for a while, I've sent an email to withdraw the nomination. The email is down below. My plan had been to just withdraw my eligibility in the future on the quiet and not make an issue out of it, but I figure with the nomination I'll just be upfront and take the step out the door here. Anyway, I suppose people are going to have opinions about this, right or wrong, and that's people for you, opinions all through.

Email sent to Conjure Awards people:

To Whom It May Concern--

I am writing to request that my nomination of the 2005 Snapshot in the William Atheling Jnr Award be withdrawn from eligibility. At the current time, due to my public opinions of awards and my issues concerning how they are organised, I believe that it is a double standard to allow my work to be part of these awards. I would greatly appreciate it if my nomination could be removed, thank you.

If, for some reason, my request will not be honoured, I would greatly appreciate it if the nomination was changed to reflect David Carroll's involvement. David has kept the forty three interviews and images upon his website at his own cost in time and money and I believe that he should receive some recognition for this.


Ben Peek

Nominations here.
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