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Far Out (Stoner Like).

I just realised, just, like, this moment*, realised, that in a week, in a week in a half, two weeks tops, I could be holding cheap spiral bound copies of my thesis in my hands. I could be giving them to some person. Any person. A bum. I don't particularly care, because I could be giving them it, I could be leaving them with my thesis... Yes, yes, I was just reading the Thesis Submission Guide. Yes. And it hit me. The end. The painkillers. The Guide. They're combining. It'll be the fucking end of this thing. The End. And I realised, I realised--

That I don't know what people do on a Friday night when they haven't got a thesis.

Tell me it involves sex. Please.

* Actually, about ten minutes ago. I lie, see. Quite often. It's part of my charm.
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