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I Almost Look Prolific

So, today's been eventful. First, I sold my novelette 'Under the Red Sun' to Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown) for Fantasy Magazine. Most likely it'll appear in issue three. I also heard from Niall Harrison (coalescent) that my review of Oh Pure and Radiant Heart will appear on Strange Horizons (sh_reviews) in the beginning of March.* Also, the academics have finished with A Year in the City and I can go pick that up, and hear about ways to cut it down, which I've got to do to hit the word limit and 70/30 split for fiction and academia required for the doctorate.

I also had my right foot x-rayed after limping round on it for two days. I was guilted into it by S., but I suppose she's right about these things, what with the potential for flesh eating diseases being on the rise these days, and I've never had an x-ray before so there was that experience. It was... really boring.

* Also known as Book 3 in the 50 book challenge. I'm still on book three. I think I'm doing badly.
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