Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

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The Cage Between Two Poles

I figure it's time to break out The Map of the World again. There's new people reading, old people who never signed up, and frankly, I'm just amused by it. So go put a dot where you live and populate the world, for the world loves you.

I might not, though.

(Who would have thought Death Cab for Cutie would make a neat background band. Plug in, listen, and just write that thesis. Half way there. Three weeks left. Last week someone asked me if I had the special submission paper. I said no, I did not, but apparently I will need to buy some. I imagine that the Special Submission Paper is made in monasteries, cared for by blind monks who dare not sully the emptiness of the pages they create, and who burnt out their eyes so that they could be this pure. They were probably writers, once, but read and wrote without discrimination, and were subsequently punished in the right and honourable way.)
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