Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Cigarettes and Dialogues.

You look like you could use another.



You're almost done. Want another?

Yeah. Sure.

You doing okay?

Not really.



That was one fucked up thing, man. It's back to therapeutic painting and hide the reds for me after this. Maybe get drunk or something. You want a drink, let me know, I’ll buy you one. It was a good thing you did. Would’ve been hard staying with her until we got here through that morning traffic. Reckon it saved her, though.

You cut off her legs.

They were mashed into the frame of the car. Shafts of metal had pierced and shattered the bones. They were all tangled up in the mess. She was bleed—

Jesus fuck!

Sorry. It’s just all in my head, you know? Still, you did the right thing.

Art by Kathryn Linge for Dialogues: On the Street. Not the final version of it, but I thought it'd be interesting to put it up, give you guys a look. For those who have come late, last year I did a series of linked dialogue pieces on this blog called Street Conversations. It went pretty well and now, free of my middle of the road photography, Kathryn and I are designing a chapbook for them, with a snappier title and a new layout and, on my side, a bit of rewriting to bring it all together with the art that is being provided. As you can see if you check out this snippet and 'Wires' from the original, I've tinkered a little here, and that's how it's going to be with the whole thing, which will give it a whole new feel to it, and rightly so, given what Kathryn has bought to the book.

It's an interesting process pulling apart the originals and rebuilding them. They were written in a burst of energy, and were all about writing on instinct and just going with what my head spat out, and I'm pleased, on a personal side, that they hold up. My original plan was to do a series every year, but I'm not sure how fesiable that's going to be, and right now is the wrong time to ask, since I've no head space whatsoever, but this process of collaboration is surely one I'm having fun with. But my plan is to do another and to have the Dialogues as a little personal project I can go back and forth with, but since On the Street isn't complete, we've not got a publisher, we haven't even approached one, or even reached the decision if we'll try for one or just go and publish it myself (I've always wanted try out that side of things and I'm in the position where it's not a vanity thing) it's all a bit unknown right now on time frames and how regular it can be.

But still, none of that much matters. It'll find a way. And right now, here's a look at what Kathryn's bringing.

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