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Kurt von Trojan Fund

From Robert Stephenson:


Long-time supporter and writer/author in the speculative field in Australia, Kurt von Trojan, has been struck down with kidney and bone cancer. The long-term prognosis is that he has only a few short months to live.

Well remembered for his Orwellian science fiction novel The Transing Syndrome and his twenty-year banned book The Atrocity Shop, Kurt has written hundreds of short stories in SF, Fantasy and Dark Fiction, many times turning a mirror on society and making the reader see the darkness that lives within themselves. Over the years Kurt has been nominated for a Ditmar (for The Transing Syndrome), and has won the International Pater Award for radio playscript, The Colin Thiele Literary Prize and many other literary awards. In these last months, Kurt has agreed to work with me to publish his last ever book, When My Eyes Close, a collection of his award-winning short works, as well as a cross-section of his unpublished short stories.

There isn't much time to do this and funds are an issue. The book will be published through Altair Australia Books and hopefully released before Kurt becomes too ill to see the project completed. The von Trojan Fund hopes to raise enough money to help realise this one last wish by the author. Donations needn't be large; every small amount will be welcomed with great appreciation and thanks.

If you can help with a donation, you can use Paypal (send money to, a personal cheque or money order made out to “Altair Australia Pty Ltd”, or via direct debit—email for bank details.

Even purchasing an Altair Australia book will help. For the next two months all money from book sales will go to the von Trojan Fund. Books can be ordered online here; simply note that this sale should go to the von Trojan Fund in the order form’s comment box.

I believe I only have three months to get this project completed and even as I write this I feel the strain of this impending loss.

Robert N Stephenson
January 2006

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