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Johnny Cash, Again.

Just got an email from Bill Congreve, saying he wanted 'Johnny Cash (A Tale in Questionnaire Results)' for his and Michelle Marquardt's Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, 2005, which is very cool.

I was in the 2004 edition of the book, which I thought was a good, solid introduction to the independent scene down here, so I'm quite pleased to be in it again. Even more pleasing, that means I'll be in both Year's Best books from Australia, since the same story will be reprinted in The Year's Best Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror. For a little story that knocked up a fair share of rejections before publication, 'Johnny Cash' has certainly gone a lot further than I even imagined. It's possible that when I'm dead this story will all I'll be remembered for and, consequently, people around the world wondering if I even wrote a traditional story, of if I was just that "Guy who wrote a story in questionnaire results, like Ballard did, once."

Still, all cool. You know what I'd like in addition to this, however? I'd like if, when I borrowed a book from the library, someone didn't rock up two days later and recall the thing. I mean, really, five and a half weeks here. Is it too much to ask you not to recall books I need? I'm sure whoever wants it is a cunt. Sigh. Well, I really don't have time for recall notices, and it looks like I'll be using the photocopying machine and ignoring all the copyright laws, again.
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