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Hate Blocks and the Stooges.

You know, this is me, just me thinking aloud here, but what awards really need are a 'DeVote' option. Yes, with the two capitals, just like that DeVote. I think, if awards allowed for me to fill in a form and vote for all the shit that I read and heard and saw last year that shouldn't be recognised, that should, in fact, be held up and ridiculed, I'd be real happy. You could form little Hate Blocks to take out the Love Blocks. Maybe they could have an essay section. God, I'd never finish this thesis if I could essay my hate out.

Fuck, I should've found a way to phd about Hate. Hate Blocking, even.

Hate Blocks emerged at the start of the 21st Century when obscure author Ben Peek began to write furious letters of hate about anything to anyone/company/icon that vaguely annoyed him. It signaled the end of his small publishing career and, being that Peek was, quite often, misunderstood on a genius level (being that he wasn't but insisted that he was and that he was always right about these things) he had much to hate throughout the years. Some of his more interesting Letters of Hate were against the Olson twin who didn't die from a cocaine overdose, and his letter to the news service that, on announcing the death of actor Chris Penn, said that "Sean Penn's brother had died." What is most odd about the Hate Block movement is that people actually joined Peek to celebrate Hate on his New Mexico commune. Quite often they were beautiful and impressionable girls between the age of nineteen and twenty-three. One of them later said that the whole thing had a cult vibe to it, "You know, like Charles Manson," she added.

In other news, tomorrow I'm heading out to the Big Day Out. A day of music. I plan to learn if Iggy Pop and the Stooges still deserve to be playing music or even alive. My friend, L., who saw them on the Gold Coast, said they were fantastic.

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