Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
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Potato Monkey (Fiction You Can Buy)

Issue 4 of Potato Monkey is out and it contains my story, 'Night of the Dead King'.

You can, at the moment, only buy the issues through this site and yes, I know, the site looks like it was designed by a blind monkey on speed. There's no way you're sending money to the guy behind that site. I know, I know. If for some unknown reason you click open that website and pay money for the issues without knowing the zine or reading what I add, then you're braver than me. But, you know, you should pay money, because Potato Monkey is owned and operated by Ben Payne (benpayne), one of the two editors now in charge of Australia's longest standing magazine, Aurealis. In addition to that, Payne is reasonably educated (he might even be Dr. Payne now), judges for the Aurealis Awards, publishes his own fiction, and reviews all round the place. In short, Payne is a guy who knows his stuff and is a standup guy who is not going to take your money and go to Cuba and support a communist regime... well, he might, but he'll send you your zine while he does. So it's all good.

'Night of the Dead King' is actually a story in my sword and sorcery, western, steampunk, faerie myth smash world, which was first seen in 'Scratches in the Sky' in Agog! Fantastic Fiction. I'm told some people liked it* so if you did, you'll be happy to know that the main character, Allandros Daemozzan, is back, and this time he is joined by the black, chicken-footed dwarf who calls himself Balor Bloodaxe. Likewise, pistols, gun fights, sword fights, subverted faerie myths, and even a subverted play on Jesus make it for the return in this one. Payne has a second story of mine featuring these two, a novelette called 'The Seven Whistlers' which I guess will run after this. I'm planning to write a third that will round off the little adventure, which hopefully will get used, but even if not, you're assured fourteen to fifteen thousand words of me kicking around everything I can get my hands on, and giving my best nod to Fritz Leiber. Since it only cost twelve bucks for four issues, and which works out to be three bucks an issue, who could not see that me doing this is worth a couple of bucks? For you Americans, that's even cheaper cause the Australian dollar is a sickly child next to the almighty greenback!

So, go check it out. The website doesn't say it, by you can use paypal, or so I think. Hassle Payne if you want to.

* Yes, I'm think of the woman who came up and told me she thought it was her favourite story in the whole anthology, and a whole lot of other people who said nothing, but I know they felt the same. Yes.

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