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The Aurealis Award Debate (Again)

You know, I constantly forget I have a message board. I've decided that 2006 will be the year of using a message board.

At any rate, there are still comments appearing in the post about the Aurealis Awards, but the comments have collapsed, and don't believe a lot of you are reading it now. While I am, in a way, happy for the traffic, I am not, in another way, happy to be seen as some sort of person who cares for the awards themselves. To me, there is a larger debate about the attitudes people have within this scene that is demonstrated by the way that the missing stories have been treated in relation to the awards, and that holds more interest for me. So, with that said, I have set up a thread on my board at Nightshade Books and I have added some of the later comments by Kate Eltham and Lea Greenaway.

Go here.

Maybe some of you have no more interest, maybe some of you have. I'll see about getting some of the later debates moved there, but either way, I'd appreciate it if the conversation could be moved there, and not had within this blog. This is also why I have disabled the comments for this post. You got something to say, take it to the board.
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