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The Holiday Message of Love.

It's the draw up to the end of the year now. I know a bunch of folk don't do Xmas, for various reasons, and maybe you all do something else, or nothing, or maybe you sit there and think about how it's faintly ridiculous that things stop for this. Crosses my mind, certainly. Anyhow, the world pauses and so does my world. So, this, then, this is the Holiday message of wishing you well over the break.

I am wishing you well. Can you tell?

Anyhow, if you find yourself sitting round, bored, here's some free fiction for you to read that was published this year. Print them out, read them off screen, whatever, but here you are if you get restless over the break.

Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)

Dream of a Russian Princess.


Dialogues: On the Street

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