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Rally Against Racism.

I'm not into groups, unions, marches, all that sort of thing. It's just not my scene and I have a few other issues with the whole organisation stuff. But, with that said, I am going to promote this and, yeah, I'll be there:

"The National Union of Students is calling a rally to protest the recent race riots in Cronulla

The rally, to be called “United Against Racism”, will protest the racist violence in Cronulla last Sunday, and the ongoing racist acts that have followed from them

The rally details are:

WHEN: Sunday 18th December 2005

TIME: 1pm

WHERE: Town Hall Square

The National Union of Students Anti-Racism Officer Mr Osmond Chiu said: “Racism from some of the media and political leaders have whipped up fear and anger to lead to the disgraceful violence at Cronulla. This rally wants to show that people are fed up with this racist violence and that enough is enough.”"
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