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Review of Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy

It's an interesting review, actually, and I do find it amusing that I'm not part of the authors who have an 'unselfconscious ‘Australianness’ ' in my writing, though McHugh is unable to explain such a quality, as would I. It's even a stranger critique to have when the stories he finds with this quality are about vampires and are compared to David Lynch. Taste is taste and all that, but I could've done with a bit more time given to that idea, I think.

Anyhow, about 'The Dreaming City' he writes,

"Ben Peek’s ‘The Dreaming City’ similarly flirts with not-quite-right American characterisation. Nonetheless, ‘The Dreaming City’ is impressive both for the Ash-esque style attempted and its ambition—to capture the essence of the city of Sydney, through a fusion of real and alternative Australian history. Ironically, while the blurring of fact and fantasy is successful, an idea of the city as a unique entity never quite (for me) emerges."

I have no idea what Ash-esque style is, either, but I assume it relates to Mary Gentle's novel, which I haven't read. I've heard only good things, though.

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