Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

A Year in the City


NSW Premier Morris Iemma said: "It was quite clear, quite clear from the vision and the sound, both of what was on television and those that were there, those sorts of remarks, that 'sloganeering' that was taking place, was something that was utterly racism."

One woman was pictured at Cronulla Beach holding a poster that read "Aussies fighting back." Her photo appeared in a Sydney News Limited newspaper today. She was advertising a group called the Patriotic Youth League.

The group, founded by former Newcastle student and One Nation activist Stuart McBeth in 2002, described itself as a "radical nationalist" group, News Ltd newspapers reported today.

It has links to the German-based skinhead group Volksfront, British Nationalist Party and the New Zealand National Front, the paper said.

The group has campaigned for the deportation of immigrants and for keeping foreign students out of universities.



I begin the final rewrites for my novel, A Year in the City, meant to explore and celebrate racial diversity in Sydney, meant to converse with the multicultural city, the mongrel city, the city where fragmentation, diversity, and multiplicity are the way of life. And this shit, yeah, this shit is part of that, and it depresses me to see, and you're just some useless fuck if you got involved in it. I don't care if you're white, brown, black, yellow, green, whatever, you attack someone because of their race, you're just wasting my space.
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