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Good Old Boys (and I Enter the Science Fiction and Fantasy Definition Debate, Briefly)

Imaginary Jesus: This just isn't right.

Ben: I suppose we could debate how science fiction and fantasy is defined.

Imaginary Jesus: Do I look like I want to be crucified again?

Ben: You keep bleeding on my couch, though.

Imaginary Jesus: I'd rather watch this, and this shit, this--this is...

Free Loading Alien: He's a big star, dude. Huge frontal lobe. A pioneer in interspecies fucking.

Imaginary Jesus: That doesn't make this right.

Free Loading Alien: Don't be such a wuss.

Ben: He is Jesus, y'know.

Free Loading Alien: Your Imaginary Jesus.

Ben: Point. If I have to have a fractured blog psyche, Jesus ought to be a radical and not some conservative loser. So lighten the fuck up, Jesus. And you, you free loading fuck of an alien, this ain't right. And you better not be planning to put your saucer on blocks in my front yard. That shit's not happening. I'm not your intergalatic trailer park stop.

Free Loading Alien: ...

Imaginary Jesus: Aw, he's got no snappy come back.

Free Loading Alien: I never did fucking like you, Jesus.

For bodhichitta0, who got curious, and kazzibee. It's not alien cunt, but it's as about close as you'll likely get.
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